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Total Onslaught 36 DVDs Set

This series is an in-depth chapter by chapter study of the book of Revelation. Throughout the study, the total onslaught on Jesus Christ and the effects of this war on every individual living on this planet are clearly portrayed. The beauty of Christ's kingdom and laws are contrasted with Satan's government and plans, and Satan's deceptions are clearly revealed. This series is must-have for every Christian and non-Christian living today. The ideas explored hit home because they are current, relevant, and applicable to the dangers and deceptions raging today on planet earth. Excellent for sharing with friends and family as the ideas presented therein give outstanding behind-the-scenes information about current events. Buy the complete series and see how Jesus Christ is being attacked, and learn how to avoid the manipulative plans laid out by the enemy of souls.


In this DVD, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The ancient prophecies are unraveled, particularly the prophecy in Daniel 9 pinpointing the exact time of the Messiah's arrival on Earth.
The study of this prophecy has been cursed by some theologians who do not wish to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Study the evidence revealed in this DVD and make your own conclusions.
Just Another Man ?
This DVD takes a visual journey through ancient Palestine retracing the steps of the Master and highlighting His great teachings such as the Sermon on the Mount. The life and ministry of Christ, His birth, and death on the cross are portrayed in multimedia format in a thought-provoking study. You will enjoy this look in to the life of Christ.
Where Jesus Walked
The sanctuary is one of the great typological features of the Bible. Every aspect of the sanctuary points to the ministry of the Messiah and the plan of salvation. In this lecture, the significance and meaning of every article of furniture in the sanctuary is explained. Dr. Veith also explains the differences and similarities between the Ten Commandments and the ceremonial law.
An Advocate For Our Time
In Daniel 2, King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream in which he sees a great statue. This dream reveals the history of the world to the very close of time. The details of this vision tell us where we are in the stream of time and what events are about to occur on Earth.
This presentation, which includes information about Napoleon, Hitler, and their occult connection, analyzes Nebuchadnezzar's dream in detail and shows how history vindicates its authenticity.
The Mists of Time
This DVD presents the great controversy between Christ and Satan throughout the ages as described in the book of Revelation 12. The hatred of Lucifer for God’s Son, and for all who should follow His leadership has led to more bloodshed, pain, and suffering on this planet than many realize.
The persecution of all who believed the Bible in the Middle Ages as well as the great final conflict that will come upon the earth are revealed in this riveting presentation.
The Bible and the Bible alone is used to identify the Antichrist power. The little horn power of Daniel 7, with its twelve clear identifying features, points to the only one who can qualify as Antichrist.
Modern day deceptions regarding the little horn power and the doctrines of preterism and futurism are contrasted with the plain Biblical teachings in this informational presentation.
The Man Behind the Mask
This DVD reveals the behind-the-scenes activities of the Antichrist power: how he places himself in the temple of God, claims to be God with power even over the Almighty, and claims to have the capacity to alter even the precepts of Christ.
In this presentation, the Bible and the Bible alone is used to expose the Antichrist's activities. This DVD also includes a study on the mark of the Beast: what it is and how to avoid it.
This exposé of Revelation chapter 13 explains how the beast of the sea and the beast of the earth become friends, culminating in a new system of worship which honors the first beast.
Giving clear evidence about the identities and objectives of these political powers, this presentation includes a look at the United States in Biblical prophecy and the importance of church and state separation.
Is there a hell? Seven heavens? Life after death? Reincarnation? Are there ghosts? Does the Bible have anything to say about spiritism? Discover the true teachings of the Bible on this often-misunderstood topic.
In this video, the ancient religion of Babylon and its origins are traced through historic time to the very time in which we live. It is clearly revealed how this ancient religion is alive and well in religious systems of our day, dressed in a garb to suitability camouflage it from the eyes of the casual observer. This DVD reveals paganism in the most powerful church in the world.
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